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The National Association of Marriage Enhancement (NAME) specializes in training and certifying lay couples and pastors within the local church as Certified Marriage Specialists (CMS). The certification process begins with our Care Couple Training curriculum; an intensive, biblical, video-based training program that teaches couples how to counsel other couples in need. Learn from marriage experts and ministers on how to biblically counsel and mentor couples in your church and community.

The Care Couple Training curriculum includes 12 digital video sessions that teach on topics including:

–       Biblical counseling and leadership

–       Counseling for the first time

–       Spiritual Counseling and Prayer

–       Forgiveness

–       Communication

–       Conflict Resolution

–       Biblical Sexuality

–       Financial Stewardship

–       Divorce and Remarriage

–       Bitter Root Judgment

–       Couple to Couple Counseling

–       Recurring Counseling Issues

–       And more!

Couples will also have to purchase the Care Couple Training Manual, which is available in hard copy or digital downloadable formats.

Once couples have gone through the training materials, they then partake in a testing and examination process, which will provide them with the proper certification to counsel hurting couples in need. Only one training curriculum per church is needed to train as many couples as you can! Additional training manuals are needed per couple, and can be purchased separately.

Through this proven training series, NAME has established hundreds of FREE counseling centers throughout the United States, which reach not only couples within the local church bodies, but also the greater surrounding communities as well. NAME is also one of the only biblical marriage counseling certification systems recognized by courts and government offices. To find a list of our counseling centers near you, please visit

For more information on this training curriculum, please call our offices at (602) 404-2600 or email us at

This training and certification program is also available in DVD format.