Great Shall Be Your Peace MP3


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3 MP3 Dowloadable Lessons by Pastor Leo Godzich

Do you seek peace in your life?  Do you have only some peace and only in certain circumstance? Are you looking for a peace that enables you to live a life of distinction?

Lesson #1: How Not to Worry.  Worry torments with distubing thoughts. Learn how to stop thinking so much in your own understanding of the situation and allow the grace of God’s discernment to fill you with His resurrection peace.

Lesson #2: Peace in God is Excitement. Follow three simple steps to usher in the peace of God and watche the excitement grow!

Lesson #3: Peace in the Storms.  We live in a society that promotes strife, contention and rivalry. We need to be warriors of peace in the midst of our daily battles by sowing peace and therefore reaping peace.