Ken & Deanna Dutton: Eliminating Toxic Emotions


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Eliminating Toxic Emotions

IMC 19 Workshop MP3 by Pastors Ken & Deanna Dutton

Remember the last time that you were really upset about a situation with your spouse?  You know by now just how damaging these emotions can be. The fact is it’s good to be able to show emotions in your life (the right ones); however, to live your life by your emotions will destroy you and everything connected to you. Emotions can be a powerful tool in your life, and learning how to use them to your advantage will help you form a strong, lasting marriage. In the moment, it may seem impossible to just let go of that emotion and transform it into something else, but the secret is that it can be done with a little time, patience, and practice. This workshop will give you practical solutions such as unplugging and shaking off those negative feelings and replacing them with positive, affirming feelings. This practical advice will absolutely change the quality of your life and your marriage.