I’ve Got You Covered MP3


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8 AUDIO MP3 Downloads – A major cause of trouble in relationships is when one or both spouses feel insecure. Security leads to trust and intimacy. That’s why it is so important to “cover” each other, the way a warm comforter covers us on a cold winter morning. These eight powerful, dynamic and life changing messages reveal God’s truth about the concept of “Covering”. A perfect match for The Covering Manual and The Covering Curriculum and Study Guide.

  • 1-I’ve Got You Covered
  • 2-When Violence Covered the Earth
  • 3-Uncover to Cover
  • 4-Cover Not Smother
  • 5-Love Covers All
  • 6-Your Enemies Covered with Shame
  • 7-Carrying the Cover
  • 8-The Glory of Covering