Motivational Gifts in Your Marriage MP3


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8 Audio MP3 Downloads – An in-depth, eye-opening, heart-revealing study in the motivational gifts listed in Romans 12 and how they pertain to you and your marriage. Discover what moves your spouse and how God wired you to motivate each other. Learn which motivational gifts both you and your spouse are predisposed to as primary and secondary gifts and how they affect your purpose and productivity in life and marriage.
  • 1-Motivational Gifts
  • 2-Motivational Gifts (Prophecy)
  • 3-Motivational Gifts (Serving)
  • 4-Motivational Gifts (Teaching)
  • 5-Motivational Gifts (Exhortation)
  • 6-Motivational Gifts (Giving)
  • 7-Motivational Gifts (Leadership)
  • 8-Motivational Gifts (Mercy)