Moving From Natural to Supernatural


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USB set with 4 digital recordings by Pastor Leo Godzich

Moving from Natural to Supernatural – What is keeping you from moving into the supernatural in your life? Self-afflicted boundaries? Self-placed hurdles? We all need to develop intimacy with God by discerning His voice while diminishing the voice of the enemy. Listen to this lesson and begin to position yourself on the right path from the natural to the supernatural.

Supernatural Covenant – Dr. Godzich teaches that the blessing available to our nation is directly tied to the status of marriages and the marriage covenant in our culture. He teaches, that just like the people of Israel, we are not keeping the covenant sacred. God is a covenant making God and marriage is a covenant and when we break covenant we place ourselves into bondage to many masters.

Supernaturally Comparable VS Naturally Compared – It is our sinful nature to compare. God tell us there is a place for us to compare but it’s not on this earth. We should be heavenly minded and compare in the spiritual realm; to compare ourselves to Christ and nothing else. Then God gives us the destiny He has for our lives and marriages, so that we are no longer living in the natural.

Supernatural Role of Priest – Dr. Leo teaches about the supernatural work of a priest and how each person needs to assume a priestly role. Learn how to take on this role so that you recognize, announce, and usher in the presence of God wherever you go. Touch the ‘poor, prisoner, blind, and oppressed’ who need the presence of God so desperately.