Purpose Driven Love MP3


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10 AUDIO MP3 Downloads – Many people have discovered the pursuit of life’s purposes. But few have actually studied the purpose of God’s love in our lives and how He purposes for that love to flow through us into the lives of others. This eye opening series will help you view others around you through eyes of love while discovering the purposes of the various types of love that God describes in His Word.

  • 1-The Love Jesus Came For
  • 2-The Purpose of God’s Love
  • 3-How to Stave Off Depression
  • 4-A Mind of Love
  • 5-Faith
  • 6-In Pursuit of God’s Calling
  • 7-Purposes of Covenant Love
  • 8-Purpose of Seasons
  • 9-Walking in Love
  • 10-The Beloved-The Place of Grace