The Fruitful Marriage MP3


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12 AUDIO MP3 Downloads – This powerful dynamic 12 CD set covers the hindrances to fruitfulness and provides unique insights to the fruits of the Spirit in relationships. Marriages and families are dramatically changed by these deep yet practical instructions on the character of God exhibited by yielding our spirit to His Spirit—a “must have” for any couple wanting their marriage to be what God wants it to be.
  • 1-Hindrances of the Flesh
  • 2-The Soil of Your Heart
  • 3-The Fruit of the Spirit-Love
  • 4-The Fruit of the Spirit-Joy
  • 5-The Fruit of the Spirit-Peace
  • 6-The Fruit of the Spirit-Patience
  • 7-The Fruit of the Spirit-Kindness
  • 8-The Fruit of the Spirit-Goodness
  • 9-The Fruit of the Spirit-Faithfulness
  • 10-The Fruit of the Spirit-Meekness
  • 11-The Fruit of the Spirit-Self Control
  • 12-A Fruitful Walk