The Mystery of Marriage MP3


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10 AUDIO MP3 Downloads – If anyone says they have marriage all figured out they’re lying. This dynamic teaching series includes ten messages of captivating and exciting new material that many have said is perhaps the most profound teaching on the mystery of marriage. Marriage has many mysteries to it so you’ll want to get a notepad out as you go through this series. Best listened to as a couple, it is sure to spur your relationship to new levels of understanding and intimacy.
  • 1-Wonderful Mystery
  • 2-Mysterious Adventure
  • 3-Mystery of Submission vs Rebellion
  • 4-Mystery of Thought
  • 5-Mystery of Man’s Emotions
  • 6-Mystery of a Woman’s Emotions
  • 7-Mystery of the Mantle
  • 8-Despise Not Your Birthright
  • 9-Mystery of Self Love
  • 10-Mystery of a Bride’s Reward