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3 CD Set by Pastor Leo Godzich

Jesus walked in such power that at the end He could say, “It is finished;”He earned the description of “Faithful and True.” That same power is ours, if we are willing.

The Lame Take the Prey – It is in the time when it hurts the most but you refuse to let go of God that He changes your name and changes your character.  In God’s economy, it is the lame that takes the prey, the wounded that has the power to take the spoil of war.

Keep the Cup – Jesus asked if this cup could pass from him. He too was tempted to drop the cup.  God the Father is pulling on you to hang on, keep the cup, and drink it all so that you will get a higher level of power in your life.

Set the Seal – Choose to live your life based on covenant rather than a philosophy of convenience. Set the seal of a new man in God on your heart and on your arm.